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Torre di San Martino della Battaglia
The tower is located on San Martino’s highest hilltop, alternatively conquered and lost to the Austrian Army, through bloody assaults and repeated attacks. It was erected to honour the memory of King Vittorio Emanuele II and of all those who fought for Italy’s Independence and Unity in the wars from 1848 to 1870; surrounded by a luxuriant park, the building features a remarkable external design, houses numerous works of art and is a symbol of Italian patriotism whose building was made possible by national scale fundraising. Its construction started in 1880 and it was inaugurated on 15th October 1893 by His Majesty King Umberto I, Queen Margherita, the Ministers, MPs and a huge crowd from all over Italy. The base of the tower features a 19.80 mt high merlon-crowned and tapered tambour, whose diameter is 22.80 mt. The tapered keep raises up from the tambour with a lower diameter of 13 mt, which becomes 11.40 mt. wide on top. The medallions that hold the merlons make the tower top look wider and the top terrace diameter is 13.90 mt. The path from the main entrance hall to the platform is adorned with bronze statues and frescoes celebrating ‘Risorgimento’ historic landmarks and heroes. The tower inner space measures 490 mt, and it is 47 mt. high. A flagstaff and a beacon, whose beam flashes the colours of the Italian ‘tricolore’ flag in the night sky, are placed in the middle of its outstanding top platform surrounded by crenellated walls. From this scenic terrace, enjoy the breathtaking view of the lowlands. At the foot of the tower visit Contracagna Villa, former estate of Count Tracagni, one of the Battle of Solferino and San Martino landmarks, which was the target of as many as seven assaults by the Sardinian Army against the Austrian Troops. Source: 

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