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Two wheels, motor bike and bike-tourism

The first network of agri-touristic accommodation for bicycle and motorbike lovers

Whether it is about a short trip or a long ride… the network of agri-tourisms of Campagna Amica is offering the possibility to find a place equipped for every eventuality. In many of our facilities you will find regard for people that love to travel on two wheels, aside from being able to discover many activities.

Minimum prerequisites at your disposal:

MOTOR BIKE friends

  • Tools (compressor, small tool box)
  • Hotline and/or contact of a mechanic in the vicinity when needed for repairs, especially during holidays
  • Storage for suit and helmet
  • Parking (stabile and hard, even ground)
  • Maps of the area


BICYCLE friends

  • Tools (compressor, high pressure cleaner or water hose, bicycle pump)
  • Bicycle rack (possible as a tree or a palette)
  • Protection against theft (e.g. lock and chain, bicycle shack, etc.)
  • Maps of the area, with bicycle tracks when existent