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22021 Bellagio CO, Italia
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Bellagio, also known as the ‘Lake Pearl’ has been a renowned resort since the Roman age. Its delightful and strategical position has made its history and fame. Even though some archaeological findings have revealed the presence of humans in the area from the Palaeolithic, only around the VII-V centuries b.C. A ‘castellum‘ was erected on top of the hillock, a religious and trading place at the crossroads among the several villages scattered around the lake. It was under the Roman civilisation that Lake Como (then called Lario) took on an important role as the Romans introduced the olive and laurel trees which presently cover the hills around the lake. It was the Romans again who first found out Bellagio’s peculiar vocation as holiday resort. In one of his letters, Plinius the Young (1st century a.D.) describes his long vacations in the two villas he owned on the lake shores, one of which located in Bellagio, where he could conciliate studying and writing with hunting and fishing.

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